ZOOMLOOK is a multi-resolution photographic virtual reality experience technology, delivering 2D images, 360|3D objects and animation to users on any digital device, over any bandwidth.


In addition to providing custom tools for brands to reinvent the digital shopping experience, ZOOMLOOK transforms businesses, helping clients outpace digital disruption by designing new business models and enhancing traditional ones with easy to manage enterprise solutions.



Christopher D. Hannan
Founder & President

Christopher is an inspired multimedia website developer. From 1996 to the present, his passionate creativity and mastery of digital multimedia have allowed him to contribute humbly and joyfully to the start up and growth of many New York based companies. ZOOMLOOK is the capstone to his career and the foundation of a paradigm shift from a low resolution web to an Ultra HD Internet.

Success with:
Andrew Marc, Antony Todd, CAPITALE, Covergirl, Fashion Icon, Fox Business, GIII Apparel Group, Halstead, Juicepress, Linda Mason, Lobby, Lost Art, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, the Novogratz, NYPD – Realtime Crime Center, Resource Magazine, Tao, The Wright Fit, Totem Design, W Hotels, William B. May and many others.

Elizabeth Clayton
Founding Partner & CEO

Elizabeth’s executive direction has contributed to the successful launch of ground breaking media and entertainment companies as she pioneered new businesses in communications technologies from TV to cable, cable to dish, and now the Internet with mobile e-commerce .

Success with:
CONUS Communications, DirectTV, Fox Broadcasting Company, HBO, Hubbard Broadcasting, Showtime, Sundance Channel, The Comedy Channel and many more.

Charles R. Berghorn

Charles is an Electrical Engineer with an extensive background in software and firmware development.

He recently retired from Cadence Design Systems where he held the title of “Distinguished Engineer”. He was a member of the Cadence Patent Committee. From 2002 to 2017, Charles was a System Architect on the Palladium series of verification computers, where he also led the firmware and diagnostics team. The most recent system, the Palladium Z1, is a water-cooled system with a capacity of 9.2 billion gates. These systems are used by companies like nVidia, Microsoft, Fujitsu, ARM, to verify their chips’ logic designs before manufacturing.

Prior to joining Cadence in 2002, Charles worked for IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY as a Senior Technical Staff Member. In his 28 years at IBM he worked on many projects, including development of graphics terminals and software, mainframe I/O subsystems, PC adapters, LAN integration, etc. His roles in these projects have included hands-on development, inventor, architect, and team lead.